The word Abra comes from Abracadabra which is a word typically used for magical tricks. The word is considered to be extremely ancient with several potential origins and it has developed into a well-known phrase. One meaning “I will create as I speak” does have some merit. In our context we relate the word to the middle eastern “Tales of Arabian Nights” and more recently the Disney version of “Aladdin”. The theme has been used for the naming of the potential exploration targets associated with the Abra tenements.

The Abra tenement package consists of 107km2 of tenements surrounding the Abra Deposit. The exploration licence E52/1455 and the remaining areas of the mining lease outside the Abra mine footprint are considered highly prospective with the potential to host similar mineralisation style to the current Abra deposit. Several prospective targets have been identified namely, Sultan (Hyperion), Ale, Bazaar, Genie, Lamplight, Jasmine (Dione), Rajah and Iago.

Picture showing the location of the Abra mining lease and exploration tenement with the geology map on the background.

These targets have been identified by the interpretation of geophysical images showing magnetic and gravity anomalies like Abra’s geophysical properties and by the presence of the same prospective stratigraphic horizon. Some of these anomalies were partially drill-tested by the company and previous explorers confirming the same style of alteration and mineralisation at Genie, Sultan, and Ale. A jaspilite rich alteration cap (Red Zone Cap) has been identified and modelled for all these prospects as shown in the image below. The Red Zone Cap has been recognized as one of the trapping mechanisms for the stratiform mineralisation in the Apron Domain at the Abra Deposit and it was recently modelled as a result of the interpretation of the underground and surface diamond drillholes.

Picture showing the Red Zone Cap modelled at the Abra Deposit and across other prospects with the respective significant lead and silver mineralisation intercepts.

Following the discovery of the Abra deposit in 1981, limited exploration has occurred within the overall Abra tenement package. Previous exploration work has been focused almost entirely on Abra with 100,000m of drilling completed to date. Prior to 2017, approximately 35,000m of drilling had occurred within the Abra mine footprint. The other analogous Abra targets within the Abra tenement package, outside of the Abra mine footprint only accounts for a total of 8,000m of drilling. With the development of the Abra mine, a considerable amount of increased geological knowledge will be obtained which will assist in the development of the regional exploration targets within Abra tenement package.

The company has currently identified within the Abra tenement package over 20 mineral prospects with eight named as high priority targets located in the presented images.

Picture showing Abra's mineral prospects and high priority targets.

Since 2017, Galena and the Abra JV have drilled over 2,500m of genuine exploration drilling outside the Abra mine footprint. This has resulted in the discovery of a 500m along strike extension of lead-silver mineralisation at Sultan (previously Hyperion), which is located 1,500m to the west/northwest of Abra. Also, the discovery of a narrow, high-grade lead-silver mineralisation at Ale (4.3m at 6.1% lead and 8.4g/t silver, incl.: 0.66m at 20.7% lead and 24g/t silver), which is located 700m to the north of Abra.

Three of the exploration targets have a similarity to the Abra Deposit,

The best exploration results within the Abra JV tenement package outside of the Abra mine footprint are summarised below:

Sultan (previously Hyperion) lead-silver intersections:

  • 21m at 4.5% lead and 23g/t silver from 547m, including 9.8m at 7.7% lead and 35g/t silver from 548m.
  • 15m at 3.1% lead and 6g/t silver from 560m, including 2.5m at 7.5% lead and 17g/t silver from 572m.

Picture showing Sultan prospect drill core.

Genie lead and silver intersections:

  • 10m at 4.1% lead and 6.3g/t silver from 240m, including 2m at 10.5% lead.

Picture showing Genie prospect drill core.