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Why join the Abra Pioneers

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable times in a mining career is if you get the opportunity to be involved in a new mine build. Working for a new company and building a new mine. Its quintessential to the classic pioneering spirit of Australia. In years to come employees will look back and be proud to say "I was at Abra from the beginning!"

The Abra mine is under construction and will commence production in early 2023. The underground team is pushing a decline down into the Edmund Basin sediments to the massive Abra orebody which is 230m below the surface. No mine has ever been built in this part of the world before.

The Project team is quickly constructing the surface infrastructure including accommodation village, airstrip, processing plant and office buildings in preparation for production to commence in early 2023.

The mine is entering the "operational readiness" phase of its development which also means the recruitment of new employees will become a critical step over the next 12 months.

What is it like to work at Abra? Hear what our people say.

Silvia Giuffré
Senior Accountant - Perth
"The office environment, the people, and the culture at Abra were exactly what I was looking for when I decided to join the Finance Department in late 2021. Inclusive, social, and where you can take real ownership of your work. This is my first time working for a mine under construction after being on the production site for over 10 years. I love that it brings exciting new challenges and responsibilities and I continue to look forward to being part of every new milestone."
Wesley Coutts
Senior Purchasing & Logistic Officer - Perth
"I joined Abra in November 2021 and the most pleasing aspect was the friendliness and the willingness of all the staff to assist me in the quickly understanding our pathway to production and key areas of focus. I have found everyone very helpful, always engaged in the decision-making processes and I personally felt valued. Having these interactions has developed a great culture to work in. We have lots of work ahead planning different processes and I'm confident that the team we have is experienced and shares a sense of purpose in bringing the mine to production. The many socials functions we have had has also assisted in developing the team bond.
Dexter Magpily
Senior Survey - Site
When asked what the Abra life is like, Dexter described it with an acronym.
A bility to execute work outside the box
B rave to take responsibility for your action & decision
R espect and resilience in different challenges
A uthentic teamwork & dedication

Getting to Site

The Abra mine is a typical FIFO operation with flights between site and Perth servicing the various rosters. The newly constructed 1.8Km airstrip allows for a Dash 8 (Q400 series) plane carrying up to 70 passengers to be used to fly employees to Abra. The FIFO contract has been established with Cobham and the comfortable one-and-a-half-hour flight directly to the airstrip near the mine provides a simple commute.

Camp Gallery

Our camp isn’t as fancy as many in the Western Australian mining industry, but we have been focussed on providing an effective, practical, and comfortable alternative. A real point of difference is the closeness of the village to the site allowing for a simple home to work access.

Our Culture

Being involved with a new mine and company development enables all our employees to play a part in developing a workplace culture reflective of our values and work standards. We all value our workmates, the safety of our workplace and our personal life with our family and friends. At Abra we want to build a culture that underpins our pioneering sprit and put some fun into going to work.

Our People

We genuinely care about our team and can offer flexible work arrangements, ongoing training and professional development, opportunities for new graduates, challenging work and career prospects and a competitive remuneration package.


Join the Abra Pioneers